Sunday, December 20, 2009

Finally an Update!!

Santa came to visit during our Christmas party! He told me I was going to be placed on the naughty list if I didn't update this blog so here we go! The pictures are not in order but at least they are finally on here!

Clinton, Erin and Jana. Clinton came down for a visit. This is Erin his girlfriend. She is a sweet heart. We all enjoyed getting to know her.

Early in the morning!

Lonni and Princess Jana.

While we were all here we decided to get family pictures done. This is Sat. morning after pictures. We met together to have breakfast at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Shon's baby girl, Alexa. She is so sweet. She was born on Nov. 20th.

During our family Christmas party we had cookies. Devon and Corbin thought they would just sit next to the pan and eat them all!

Grandpa taking a picture of Clinton taking a picture. Goofy guys!

Our Christmas gift exchange.

Jana in her beautiful Christmas dress!

Our Christmas Nativity play.

Santa Came to our party! He brought a gift for all the children. He was amazing!

Emily and McKayla on Santa's lap. Emily just found out she is having a girl!!

Grandpa Cole and Grandma Dixie on Santa's lap.

Tod and Natalie on Santa's lap.

Clinton and Shon visiting with Santa.

This is Erin (Clinton)and Cristina (Shon). It was so fun getting to know them. They are a perfect fit to our family!

Sweet baby Alexa with Santa.

Corbin was so funny. When Santa was visiting everyone he slipped out the front door and was looking around for the reindeer. Uncle Shon caught him and brought him back inside. Then when Santa left he ran up stairs and looked out the window. He really wanted to see those reindeer!

Orion and Santa.

Caden wanted nothing to do with Santa! He even tried to give back the gift that Santa gave him. He was so scared of him!

Sweet little Jana got a hold of Santa's beard! Ouch! Poor Santa!

Devon was so excited to see Santa too!

Little Jacob loved Santa!
Melissa wasn't sure she needed to get on Santa's lap. She is getting too old for that kinda stuff!

McKayla got a real turtle from Santa! Then she asked if Devon can get one too! HA HA!

Clinton surprising Dad! We haven't seen Clinton for a long long time!

Grandpa gave Jana her first bite of a cookie. She wanted more!!

Clinton and Erin.

Emily and Betto were married in Dec. 2008. We are so happy to have Betto in the family. Here are a few of their wedding pictures.

Here are some pictures from this past year.

Jana loves her Grandpa.
We had a pirate themed birthday party for Corbin. It was blast!

Everyone loves Grandma and Grandpa!

Sweet baby Jana has finally made her way here!

Little baby Jana. Finally the princess has arrived! Jana was born July 2, 2009.
I love this picture! Grandma and Grandpa waiting for baby Jana to be born. It was such a long night!

Grandma and little Alexa. Can't put her down!

Wow! She is so perfect!

Grandma loves babies. Alexa is a sweet little girl. Grandma and grandpa drove up to Las Vegas to see her in the hospital on Nov. 21st.
Look at her! Isn't she so sweet! Shon is a proud Daddy! I think Grandpa is hooked too!
Baby Alexa Jade Harvey. Born to Shon and Cristina Nov. 20, 2009. Beautiful!
They Youngest Harvey to go across the zip line and he hated it!! He is 17 months old in this picture.
The Old Harvey Men against the Young Harvey Men! The Old guys won!!
Good looking!

Caden had a blast camping at the Harvey reunion!

Great Grandpa Jay loves Jana. She steel everyones heart!
Taking a nap with his little girl!

Titan is so sweet. He loves everyone and tries to make everyone feel happy.

Shon and Cristina's camping baby shower! We had so much fun!
Grandpa hanging with sweet baby Jana.
Happy 9th Birthday Titan! He got this bow from Grandpa and Grandma.
Caden loves cake!

Such a doll!

Hanging out!

Devon is so cute! He likes to pose funny for the camera!

Jana's Blessing day was so amazing. Grandma got this beautiful dress for her. She is such a specail little girl!
Grandpa and his baby girl Jana!

Happy first birthday Jacob!
Jacob's first bite of his Birthday Cake!

Best Buds!
Little McKayla is so funny! When I told her I wanted to get a picture of her she said" hold on let me finish my bite" Then she posed for me!

Angel girl!
Happy Birthday Jacob!

Silly little cousins!
Grandma and Jana. I think Grandma enjoys holding all these grand kids!

Jacob is a sweet little guy. He turned 1 this year! The Young family just keeps growing!

Shon, Cristina and Baby Alexa. She is so sweet. Congrats!

Corbin, Titan and Orion.

Crazy boys!
Shon, Cristina and Jana.

The families two new Princesses! Aren't they the prettiest little babies! We have had so many boys and now finally the girls are catching up!
This is Shay with new baby Alexa. Shon and Cristina have a beautiful little girl!

What a cute little girl! She loves to get her pictures taken!

Devon is such a sweet little guy. He loves being around his cousins.

Cole and Dixie have been running all over the country!

Such a cute little family!
The Optimist Club in Casa Grande picked Orion out of his school and presented him with this award. He is such a good little leader!

Melissa is turning into such a beautiful young woman.

Corbin graduated from his first year in music class! Good job little guy!

Emily got her LPN! Congrats!
We have had a great year together. We love spending time together. The children love to be together. It would be nice if Clinton and Shon lived closer. We miss them so much. We are looking forward to another great year full of love, laughter and fun! Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year from the Harvey Bunch!